Addressing the Issues

A draft LTP will be developed for public consultation in spring 2005. Guidance and requirements from government, along with previous wide-ranging consultation undertaken as part of the four authorities’ individual first LTPs, will form the basis of this draft. Some issues we know need to be addressed in this draft are:

Public Transport: More Buses, Better Buses

The bus is the realistic alternative to the private car for many local journeys where walking or cycling may not be possible or desirable, for the foreseeable future. Local authorities in the area have already implemented improvements to local bus services in partnership with bus operators through: –

  • more bus lanes and improvements to traffic junctions to give priority to buses
  • low-floor buses with new bus stops to allow easy access and new bus shelters
  • improved passenger information through real-time information, journey planners, local travel maps, dedicated information for business and tourist sites
  • ‘Showcase’ bus routes, comprising of a package of the above measures to deliver whole -route improvements.

The Joint LTP will build on these improvements to the bus network and seek to take forward a package of measures to further develop and accelerate improvements to the public transport network.

This package will seek to include key priorities on all main routes, looking at more cross-city services and new ticketing measures. Accessibility problems will be addressed through expanding existing bus services, and providing new services such as ‘demand responsive’ public transport that provides services when and where people need them.

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