What is a Local Transport Plan?

A Local Transport Plan (LTP) is a five-year document setting out local Authorities’ objectives for improving transport and detailing the ways in which this is to be achieved. All local authorities in England are required to produce an LTP and report back to the government each year on their progress in achieving its objectives.

LTPs do not just focus on individual transport schemes, but take a broader view of how transport measures can help to achieve wider and longer-term objectives. Measures contained in LTPs can help to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in towns and cities, and in rural areas, by connecting them to jobs and services, and to each other.

Why a Joint Local Transport Plan?

Each of the four authorities produced their own individual Local Transport Plans covering the period 2001 – 2006. These authorities will take this co-operation a step further with the development of one joint Local Transport Plan to cover the whole of the Greater Bristol area. As transport issues are not confined to within the boundaries of local authorities, increased joint working will enable us to make faster progress towards achieving significant improvements to the local transport system.

How will the Plan be produced?

The Joint Local Transport Plan Team has been created, consisting of officers from each of the four local authorities. Building on the strategies contained in each of the council’s first LTPs, joint strategies are being developed, taking a wider cross-boundary approach, whilst still taking into account issues specific to particular areas. A key aspect of this work will be to consult residents, businesses and other local stakeholders.

Other studies that influence the Local Transport Plan

Although the Joint LTP should plan ahead, it concentrates in detail at the next five years. There are other studies that are looking further into the future and taking in some of wider issues relating to transport. Their longer-term findings and visions can be developed in more detail by the Joint LTP

The Greater Bristol Strategic Transport Study, commissioned by the Government Office for the South West, is studying current and future strategic transport needs within the Greater Bristol region up to 2031. This is looking at a wider area than the Joint LTP, including parts of Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire. Findings of this study will be published in summer 2005 allowing the issues to be incorporated into the Joint LTP. The Regional Transport Strategy, being developed by the South West Regional Assembly, identifies key issues that are relevant to the South West and what interventions or investments are required to deliver the region’s transport priorities and longer term objectives. There are also studies looking at spatial (land use) strategies for the region and sub region.

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